Dear Senator/Representative ______________,

I am writing to ask you to sponsor the "Bodily Integrity Act" to protect the public against irresponsible use of human-implantable microchip devices and other tracking technologies.

As you may know, a care facility in Florida is planning to inject the VeriChip subdermal microchip into 200 Alzheimer's patients in the next few months. (See for details.) The makers of the chip have also suggested using their implant to tag members of the military, corporate employees, and others.

This must be stopped. We have an obligation to limit the use of this technology and ensure that people are not targeted for experimentation or exploitation with controversial and potentially dangerous implants.

You can help protect the constituents in our state from this threat by raising the bar for consent on RFID micro-chipping. Please sponsor the Bodily Integrity Act, online here:

Sincerely yours,