(If you're looking for a secure, non-invasive way to alert medical professionals to your health history, we recommend the MedicAlert bracelet as a safe alternative to the VeriChip.)

What you can do:

> Contact your local media about your opposition to chip implants, and send them a link to this website: www.antichips.com

> Write your elected representatives and ask them to sponsor the "Bodily Integrity Act," our model legislation that limits widespread human-chipping and prevents the chipping of vulnerable populations by strictly defining the standard of consent needed for chip implantation.

> Write to the executives and board members of Alzheimer's Community Care and politely ask them not to chip the vulnerable people in their charge. Click here to download the mailing addresses of dozens of key people associated with the organization.

> Join CASPIAN, our international privacy and anti-chipping organization.

> Help support these anti-chipping efforts with a financial gift in any amount. (see PayPal link below)

You can include any or all of these points in your letter:

• Microchipping people as if they were dogs or laboratory animals is dehumanizing. It violates their physical integrity and their dignity.

• Chipping is an invasive procedure that carries significant health risks. The FDA has identified numerous health risks associated with the VeriChip implant.

• It is unethical to use Alzheimer's patients as research subjects for this type of invasive medical research.

• Chipping should never be done without the full, informed consent of a cognitively intact adult patient.

• Alzheimer's patients are not able to provide informed consent due to the nature of their illness and thus should not be chipped

• Injecting an implant into another person's flesh without that person's full consent is as violent and invasive as rape.

• For millions of people around the globe, receiving a numbered mark is associated with one of the most serious religious violations a person can commit.

• VeriChip implants are unnecessary. The MedicAlert bracelet, with over 50 years of proven use, is an inexpensive, non-invasive, and widely accepted way to identify Alzheimer's patients and their medical conditions, with none of the problems associated with a risky and societally irresponsible implant. MedicAlert and the Alzheimer's Foundation of America offer a bracelet specifically designed for Alzheimer's patients. For details, see: http://www.medicalert.com/AFA/

We are unfunded volunteers and rely on your support to do this work. To send a gift, please click the link at right or contact us via phone or e-mail.

The AntiChips website is a project of CASPIAN, Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering. Online at www.spychips.com and www.nocards.org.

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